Hosting Services and Domain Sellers in Sri Lanka

Hosting Services and Domain Sellers in Sri Lanka

If you plan to build a website for your business or plan to start a blog, there are two essential things. It’s domain and hosting. There are hundreds of hosting providers and domain sellers that you can find out on the internet. From massive marketing tricks, you have to select one of them. There are not many resources and data about our Sri Lankan domain and hosting sellers on the internet. Here are the Top Hosting Services and Domain Sellers in Sri Lanka. Through this article, we expect to provide our recommendation based on real experience. And also, there are many benefits that you can get from the Sri Lankan Hosting Provider than the others like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. Apart from that, we hope to explain how to pick a perfect domain for your business or a Blog.

Before Buying a Domain or Hosting

Before buying a domain or hosting service, there are several things to figure out. Here are the essentials that you must think about before Buy a Domain or Hosting

Before Buying a Domain 

  1. First, Figure Out what you are going to do with your domain. – Is it a business website, eCommerce Site or Blog? If it is a business website or an eCommerce website, you have to purchase a domain representing your business name or the purpose ( Ecommerce Store type). If it is a blog, it’s better to purchase keyword or blog category-focused domains. It is not a must, but it will help you get more relevant traffic and get an SEO benefit.
  2. You need to think about the audience – If you are planning to get the traffic from Locals, You can go with the LK domain. But If you need international traffic, you must go with a universal domain like .com, .net, etc.
  3. Annual Fee and Renewal charges – At this point, you must be very careful. Some domain sellers provide a 99% discount in the first year, and then from the second year, their renewal fee is very high compared with the other domain sellers with fixed rates.
  4. Customer Services and Support 

Before Buying a Hosting

  1. First, figure out what kind of Website that you are going to host. – for example, Website weight, expected traffic, Website’s technical aspects such as WordPress, etc. 
  2. Host server Performance and technical configurations – Host performance is a very important factor. Before buying a hosting, check hosting server performance like core counts, spaces, uptime, etc.
  3. Customer support – This is the most important thing. Before buying a host check, they have a support ticket system or live support system. If not, it will be a terrible mistake.
  4. Hosting Fee

Benefits of using Sri Lankan Hosting Services

If your Website is a Business Website, We recommend using a local hosting provider. Because usually, Business websites are lightweight and simple. And also, most of the time, you have one domain to host. Local hosting providers have high-performance hosting packages with low storage space. You can’t host ten websites, but you can host one Website for an affordable price. It’s useless to pay much just for one business website. You can Buy a Hosting package between 9$-15$ from the local hosting provider and a fixed rate. But if you need to buy it from an international hosting provider like Namecheap, you have to pay 33$+ for a basic hosting package.

However, as we all know, If you are going to buy hosting from a local seller, you must think about the customer support. Most sellers’ customer support is a disaster. Before buying a hosting package from a local seller, at least check their reviews on Google and Facebook.

If your Website is a Blog, Definitely go with an International hosting provider. The reason is, Local sellers’ hosting spaces are not enough to maintain a good blog for years. 

Best Place to Buy Hosting Services in Sri Lanka

We have worked with several hosting sellers in Sri Lanka. According to our Experience, here is a genuine recommendation of us.

PEEK Hosting

PEEK hosting’s Hosting servers have the best performance. Their business hosting servers have 32 cores, and it directly impacts your Website speed. And also, other Performances and Technical factors are better than the other local hosting providers. The best thing is their customer support. It’s really appreciative and very flexible. When it comes to technical support, they have good knowledge in all aspects, and the PEEK Technical team is very supportive. 

Here are our ratings on PEEK Hosting

  • Hosting Server Performance – 94%
  • Hosting Fees – 92%
  • Customer Support – 98%
  • Overall experience – 96%

Lankan Hosting

They have the most affordable Local hosting packages in Sri Lanka. It’s starting at LKR 50.00. When compared with the Other Hosting providers, Lankan hosting gives excellent service for reasonable rates.

Here are our ratings on Lankan Hosting

  • Hosting Server Performance – 92%
  • Hosting Fees – 98%
  • Customer Support – 94%
  • Overall experience – 94%

Best Place to Buy.LK Domains in Sri Lanka

If you expect to focus local traffic from Sri Lanka, LK domains are the most suitable one as per your requirements. There are lots of LK domain Sellers. But the main seller is The LK Domain Registry ( 

The LK Domain Registry is the sole administrator for web addresses that end in “.lk” in Sri Lanka. You can directly purchase from them. However, when you buy an LK domain from, you have to submit several documents, including NIC Copy, Request Letter, etc. It will also take 2-3 days to complete the process. It’s a bit annoying when compared with LK domain selling Authorized agents like PEEK Hosting, Lanka Host, etc. 


There are many Domains and hosting Local Sellers in Sri Lanka. We have worked with several companies. According to our experience, we have recommended the above sellers. However, if you have better options, you share your experience in our comment section. If you plan to create a website for your local business in Sri Lanka, We recommend buying your hosting service from Local Seller. It’s very cost-effective, and you will be able to get technical support over the phone. If it is a Blog with lots of content, we recommend going with Namecheap or Hostinger. 

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