Why you should Optimize your Website for Google EAT Standards

Google EAT Standards Complete Guide 2020

“Google EAT Standards” Are you familiar with this Word? If not, Google will eat your ranks.

Are you a blogger?

Are you a beginner for SEO?

Are you a Business Owner?

Whoever you are, if you have a Website and if you are expecting to appear on Google First Page, You must know these three words.

“Google EAT Standards“

Why are Google EAT Standards Important?

As we all know, Google’s primary focus is providing an excellent search experience to those who are find anything on Google.

Therefore Google Algorithms are updating daily to give the most relevant and valuable search results. Then again, those searchers come to google for finding something.

Google EAT Standards are a result of these upgrades.

If your SEO person doesn’t look familiar with these Standards, I guarantee he is applying SEO strategies, just for the sake of doing. He or she is trying everything they know to get better ranks. But it’s not an SEO.

This standard is not a strategy. Google has Implemented these standards to understand SEO strategies.

Here are some examples,

  • Do link building without knowing the real purpose of it
  • Add external links to other sites without knowing the purpose

After reading this, you will able to understand the following,

  • Understand mostly using SEO Strategies according to Google EAT Standards
  • Which strategies can use to meet Google Standards
  • What is the correct time and place to apply those strategies 

What are Google EAT Standards?

As I explained above, the Google EAT standard is not a strategy.

Google has introduced EAT standards to understand the SEO strategies and Google Algorithm behaviors.

Here is the best Example. Did you ever learn computer science? If yes, definitely, you have learned the below diagram within the first three lectures.

Source: it4nextgen.com

This diagram is helping to understand the process of the computer. Similar to this diagram, Google EAT will help you to understand Google Algorithm.

What is EAT Stand for,

Google EAT Standards - EAT Stands for

According to the Cambridge dictionary here are the definitions of EAT

  • Expertise: A high level of knowledge or skill
  • Authority: The Moral or Legal Right or Ability to Control
  • Trustworthiness: The quality or fact of being trustworthy (= able to be trusted)

These Cambridge definitions have explained the EAT standards as it is. I will explain this using a few examples.

Example 1: Link Building

Did you ever think about why we are building links to a website? According to the Search Engine Land, here are the reasons,

why we are building links to a website - Google EAT Standards

When we are doing link building, we care about the Linked Website’s Domain Authority. In other words, we care about the reputation of the linked Website. 

If we have used the reputed Website to build links when google crawls, it takes as a positive signal to your site. 

If your Website has mentioned in a reputed Website, that audience will start to think about your Website as a trustworthy website.

it’s like this,

Think, You have written an excellent article about SEO. In Backlinko, Brian Dean has mentioned your Article as a reference in his blog.

Backlinko has a vast loyal fanbase. That audience could see you have referred by Brian Dean. So they start to think Wow Brian Dean is also getting a reference from this Website. It will be another good website for SEO. 

Your Brand trustworthiness will improve. From next time Backlinko audience will come to your Website too. 

Did You point out anything belongs to Google EAT Standards in this Example?

If you have pointed it out, you are never going to build links again through the unreputed site. Link Building Strategy has developed on the foundation of Google EAT Standards. It relates to Trustworthiness and Authority.

Example 2: External Links

Why are we build external links? Some bloggers and website owners are doing this naturally. They linked it to get an extra reference to readers.

But some people linked their Website with another website without knowing the real reason. They have seen the external link strategy somewhere, and they try it with their Website.

If you expect to get a real result from the External link strategy, you should know the basement.

Why is it essential? And How it affects your SEO?

Imagine if you are writing an article about the Importance of Website speed, Google Light House is one of the best methods to evaluate it.

You can write about several sentences, and you can link the Google resource article as an extra reference. When Google crawls the Website, Google Algorithm understand your content.

Then the crawler will go through the external link too. It will understand your external resource link, and your content is talking about the same thing.

Google resource article is a trusted source. After comparing your content and trusted site content, Google gives a positive signal for your content because you have written content similar to their resource article.

Not only algorithms. Your Website visitors also feel the same because Google Algorithms has developed similar to the Visitors thinking patterns.So here is the Role of Google EAT Standards,

If you have understood EAT Standards and how its Trustworthiness is essential, you never linked your content with untrusted websites or irrelevant materials. You will make external link opportunities when you write the Article.

Example 3: Reviews

I think you all already know the importance of reviews and how it can affect your Ranks as well as conversions.

Think what is the connection between Reviews and EAT standards. Your positive or negative reviews are featuring the rest of Google EAT standards.

Because of this, Google has given its priority on Reviews. So that’s how Google EAT affects your Digital Marketing Strategies. Likewise, we can categorize every SEO strategy according to the Google EAT standard.

SEO strategy according to the Google EAT standards

How to Optimize your Website for Google EAT Standards?

As I explained above, a Successful Digital Marketing strategy or SEO strategy has built on Elements of Google EAT standards. From all the strategies, few are exceptional because those are covering all the elements at once. 

  1. Explainer Videos 
  2. Certified Badges, Logos, Partnerships, and Collaborations 
  3. Reviews
  4. Author Bio, Physical Location and Completed Google Business Profile
  5. Podcasts, Public Speeches, and Shoutouts

I will explain one by one.

Educational Video

Nowadays, Videos are the most engaging content type. Through the one video content embedded in your Website,

Google EAT Standards - Video marketing

Why does it happen?

Videos can show your expertise and Authority powerfully than the Word content. Think about yourself. You are reading a blog about Teeth Whitening. It explains every point well. 

As an example, how it works? , about the dentist, facilities, etc.

Then you have seen a video. There is a dentist. He explains everything in his words. Then he shows how he is doing for real patients. End of the video that the patient speaks about the experience.

According to the above Example, which makes you convert for teeth whitening? After seeing the expertise and the Authority through the video, Trust about the Dentist will improve automatically.

Certified Badges, Logos, Partnerships, and Collaborations

If you have professional certifications, Membership logos from reputed associations, Partnerships with reputed organizations, and Collaborations should display in your Website.

These Reputed Logos, Badges, and certifications build your Trustworthiness. It shows your Authority and industrial expertise. It will directly impact on your Ranks and conversions.

For Example,

You need to purchase something from an online store. You have to add your credit card credentials to the Website. What do you consider? Don’t you find if this site is a trusted site for secure payments?


In the above, I explained the connection between Reviews and EAT standards.

In here, I’m explaining how to improve the effectiveness of this strategy. The majority of website owners have displayed their Reviews on the Website. Then complaining there is no significant impact after posting it.

The reason is they are just showing the reviews like this.


Anyone can write these kinds of reviews from themselves and posts it on the Website. Those Reviews good to display not to make conversions. 

If you need to display Reviews, you should provide a trustful source. Where do these reviews have generated?the solution is you must link review generating site with your reviews displayed on the Website.

If you have a WordPress website, there are many plugins to show Google reviews and Social media reviews on the Website.If you are unable to use those simple plugins, use “powered by Google Reviews” logo and linked it with your Google Reviews.

Here are some valuable resources regarding How to Add Google reviews on the Website.

  1. Google Reviews Widget
  2. How to Embed Google My Business Reviews on Any Website

Author Bio, Physical Location and Completed Google Business Profile

If you are going to sell products or services, Physical location, and Fully optimized Google My Business profile is essential. People and Google algorithms love those who have a physical location than those who haven’t. Both are giving their priorities for them.

The reason is if you have a physical location, the Trustworthiness of the business is high. There is a place to catch you if something happens.

So try to use physical Address and well-optimized Google My Business profile for your business. It helps to meet three elements of Google EAT standards.

If you are a blogger, you should add Author bio to your blog. Through this bio, you can show the Authority and Expertise to the readers. It will improve the trust of your content.

Author Bio, Physical Location and Completed Google Business Profile
source: Hubspot.com

The reason is similar to the business Website. Google and people love to see the physical person who is providing the content.

Podcasts, Public Speeches, and Shoutouts

Podcasts, Public Speeches, and Shoutouts

Podcast with Famous Channels, Public Speeches in reputed society or association, and Shoutouts from famous persons will improve the Trustworthiness of your brand.

Through the Podcasts and Speeches, you can show your expertise in the field and the Authority.And also, you will be able to reach those Podcasts and Associations audiences as an authoritative and respective person.

It can make some positive discussions about you and your business. This highlighting as a respective person will directly affect your conversions and Ranks.

For Example,

Imagine you are a Lawyer. You do an excellent public speech to a big audience. They start to talk about you on social media. Maybe some of them Google about you.

Google algorithms are noticing every social signal, and it affects your business.So, As I mentioned at the beginning of the Article, Google EAT Standards is not another strategy.

Google has introduced EAT standards to give a proper understanding of how Google Algorithms are working. And also make it easy to learn for those who are new to the digital marketing industry.


If we are planning to build a house mainly, we need three elements. Its cement, sand, and stones. Similar to this, if we are planning to execute a successful digital marketing strategy, we need to focus on three elements of Google EAT Standards.

If you are new to the industry, without trying everything, learn these three elements carefully. then think and plan your strategies connecting with those elements.

Why am I doing this?
How it affects?

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