How to use Digital Marketing for Hotels (Special Guide for Boutique Hotels)

Digital Marketing for Hotels

Digital Marketing for Hotels is a vast subject. Thousands of People are searching for their traveling destination via the internet. In that case, you must visible on their search results. There are many things to do. Hundreds of Freelancers and Companies are offering attractive Digital Marketing Packages for Hotel owners. But I had a doubt. Therefore I had a few discussions with some hotel owners and Managers. I felt they haven’t any idea about whats was going on. They are Just Spending money. They Don’t know what their ROI was in the Last Month. I asked, What are they doing? More than 80% of hotel owners answered me like this,

"They are doing good. We have an Attractive Website. We have Trip Adviser, Accounts. And we have a Facebook page too."
"How are your Conversions from Digital marketing?"
"It's great. We have lots of likes on our Facebook Page."

Like this example, Hotel Owners haven’t any idea about their ROI and what is the real purpose of Digital marketing. Digital marketing is not getting Facebook likes or having an attractive website. 

Yes, of course, you need an attractive Website and Page likes. But Digital Marketing is more than that.

Mostly Small/Boutique Hotel owners and growing hotel owners are facing this issue. They can’t spend on a dedicated professional for Dealing with a digital marketing company. They are finding the cheapest options. Trust me, If any service or a product is very cheap, that product or service has an issue. It’s better to refuse it, especially in Digital marketing. Digital Marketing Can not be that much cheap. If the Digital Marketer is talented and good at it, they have plenty of opportunities. They know their value and confidence in what they are doing.

In this article, I hope to discuss How to use Digital Marketing for Hotels. It’s better to say like this, Brand Your Hotel on the Internet or Online Branding for Hotels.

Digital Marketing for Hotels | Online Branding

Why is Digital Marketing Important to you?

The Internet is the fastest-growing Infrastructure in this century. Everyone Needs the Internet. The latest Digital marketing Stats have proved it. 

Digital Marketing has a massive impact on the tourism and hospitality industry. Below stats will show it.

Digital marketing Stats on tourism and hospitality industry

Digital marketing is doing a significant role in the tourism and hospitality industry. If you have a Hotel, Digital Marketing will be the most Successful and Affordable Marketing strategy to reach the perfect audience to tell your story.

Data can make a massive difference in marketing. Not like other platforms, Every Digital marketing platform can track all the movements of your campaigns. If you know the value of Data and How to use it, Digital Marketing will be the most productive method to get successful.

Before Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy, what do you want to know?

As I said earlier, there are many things to consider. My suggestion is to do a competitor analysis. Pick your top five competitors. Then carefully analyze their Digital marketing behaviors, such as social media pages, Keyword Ranks, PPC behaviors, etc. 

You can do these analyses easily by using competitor analysis tools like Spyfu. If you are not good at it, hire a professional or request competitor to analyze a report from your digital marketing consultant. This Analyze report is essential. It will show you what kind of effort you need to win the race.

After the first step, Set your Goals. You don’t need in-depth and technical goals. Just write what you have and where do you want to go. You can use below Think Chart for it.

If you have this data with you, in your first meeting with a digital marketing strategist/consultant will be productive. The end of the first meeting will be your turning point of business success or Digital Marketing Strategist’s career-changing point. So go to your first meeting with data and goals. If not, the digital marketer will take you to a fool’s paradise, and you will walk on the road without knowing the direction.

So Before anything, at least you need to identify your requirement. Then use this Think Chart and determine your real requirements without waste your time and money on useless efforts

There is one thing I want to mention. Digital Marketers are not cheaters. In any industry, there are types. One type of professionals deal with the real situation and takes you to your goal. Others will cheat on you, show nightmares, and takes you to their goals. I’m discussing the possibilities and the worst cases. You need the talent to identify the perfect one. Think Chart template, and this article will make it easy.

After explaining all your requirements and Goals, your digital marketing strategist will guide you to achieve your best case. You can request a personalized proposal from your strategist, including all digital marketing preferences. Such as,

  • Responsive & Attractive Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Third Party Booking

Through this proposal, You will be able to understand What kind of Strategies they are going to use and how the process is. Then refer to that proposal carefully. Compare with your think chart. Then definitely sign an agreement.

When You Refer the Proposal Keep these points in your mind

  • How are they going to charge you?
  • What is the proposed audience? And is that your Audience
  • What are the keywords
  • Which platforms are they planning to use
  • What are the Ad Materials and Who is going to provide it
  • Are there any hidden charges / Extra Charges
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Domain ownership and Digital Property ownership
  • Termination Process and their Policy

What would you do if you haven’t enough budgets to hire a Professional?

Branding is not a one night stand. You must follow a proper plan with Good Strategies. For the Perfect result, you should hire the right person at the right time. If not, you will miss the moment.

But I know, Budget is the biggest problem. At the beginning of the business, all the business owners plan their Budget. More than 60% of them never allocate a budget for advertising in the beginning. They are spending just on infrastructures. After the construction stage, they have a beautiful Hotel. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough Funds to show it to the world. 

Then Owners have to pay loans without generating money from that investment. As a result of this, they sell that hotel to another investor. If a new Investor has money for Advertising, that hotel will be a lottery for them.

If you are already in this situation, if you were unable to allocate the budget for advertising at the beginning, don’t worry, there are things to do.

Let’s Start with Think Chart. Use this template and add all the data. If you haven’t any idea to complete the think chart, you can go through this think chart guide.

After adding all the data, you will able to analyze your situation and possible strategies according to the current movement. With the current situation, you need a low-cost strategy. My Suggestions are,

  1. Please never go for a cheap website. It will kill your brand’s first impression.
  2. You have thousands of Study Materials on the internet. Watch a few tutorials to learn how to manage Facebook Page and Social Media Platforms.
  3. As the First step Create Instagram Business Page
  4. Post High Quality and Attractive Photos daily
  5. Use Hashtags ( Hashtags can get the attention from Good audience)
  6. Create a Facebook Page and update it regularly
  7. Create Profiles on third-party travel Websites Such as, Trip Advisor, Agoda
  8. Get good reviews and share it through the social media
  9. Post Videos on Youtube (related to your Hotels)

These are fundamental things. I know you need some knowledge about social media Page Managing. With your situation, you have to give extra effort on this. Watch a few tutorials on YouTube and learn. Do some research according to the above points. Then you will able to take your first step without spending money.

I hope my Above suggestions will help you to take the first step. You will be able to take some bookings and make some money.

If you are planning to do this alone, Send a message to us, we like to help you to take your first step.

Trust Me. Digital Marketing is a game-changing point. But You should take the right step at the right moment. If you need any help or suggestions related to this topic, send us a Facebook Message. I will answer you. Through my next article, I hope to discuss Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies. Like on our Facebook Page and Stay tuned,

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  • Responsive & Attractive Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Third-Party Booking

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