The Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies

The Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies

In this Article, We hope to discuss the Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies. Through my previous article, We explained the Importance of doing digital marketing and How to take the first step for it.

And also, We have introduced a tool to identify your real requirement on digital marketing.

I hope this article will you to get a better idea about Hotel marketing Strategies. If you need any clarification or advice reach us via Facebook or contact us page.

Marketing Strategies are different from each other, according to the Location, Local Behaviors, Expectations, etc. So you need a personalized plan with the following strategies. I will explain it one by one.

  • Responsive & Attractive Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Third Party Booking

Responsive & Attractive Website

A complete and well-optimized Website is a powerful strategy to improve conversions and brand awareness on the internet.

But If you can’t spend on a proper website, never go for a cheap-looking website. In the Market, you can find a web developer for just five thousand rupees. They will damage your brand and waste your money too.

If your website can’t grow your bookings and make a good impact on the income, it’s useless. A website is not just a colorful showcase with lots of Images. It’s your brand ambassador.

It will represent your hotel standards and quality. If you are planning to go for a Website, first, you should clarify what your purpose is and how it is going to affect your business.

To get a better Idea about the Importance of the Website,

  • Research on the internet
  • Analyze your most successful competitor’s websites
  • Request a proposal from the web developer

Or Refer Our these articles,

Above Articles will help you to get and better idea. And also you should Consider below things before planning a Website

  • Who is your Audience
  • How to reach them via the Website
  • What is your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • How long It will take to give an impact
  • Budget
  • Branding Theme and the Concepts

So If you have a low budget, never go for a website your first step. You have many things to do without a website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Specialist Sri Lanka

Build a website without SEO is Like, build a road without direction. If you are planning to go for a Website, You should plan it with an SEO strategy.

If someone says, first create a website and then do the SEO. I guarantee They are lying to you, or they don’t have any idea about SEO.

SEO starts in the beginning. When you are planning a website, you must consider Website Contents, Internal Linking, External Linking, Alter Text, etc. Therefore, If any Digital Marketing company or professional is offering a website quotation/proposal, request it with SEO Service.

SEO Services are a bit expensive. But If you need to take bookings through the website, definitely you need this.

How to charge for SEO?

Different digital marketing companies have different metrics and methods to charge for SEO. However, there are so many things to consider before telling a price. Few of them,

  1. Hourly basis – Usually, in Canada, USA or European SEO experts are charging hourly. This method has a lot of benefits for both sides. If the Client can buy more hours, the result will come soon
  2. Result Basis – In this method, They are promising for traffic, Conversions and the Ranks.
  3. Quantity Basis – Backlinks per month, Social media posts per month, etc.

Likewise, If you are planning to build a Website, plan it with SEO. If not, You can see a beautiful Website without conversion.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is an Instant method to take more results by showing paid advertisements. You have to pay only for results.

SEO is doing the same thing organically. For PPC, You have to pay for Google or Bing. And also not like SEO, PPC is Instant. You can get the Impact within few hours.

PPC looks expensive, but the truth is you have to pay only for what you have achieved. It has lots of benefits and facilities to make your goals happen.

Benefits of doing PPC

  1. You have the Control
    In PPC, you can decide Everything. Budget, Audience, Locations, Time Frame, and especially you can decide what kind of results do you want. For example, do you need more bookings from Switzerland in April, PPC can do that instantly.
  2. You can Track Everything
    The best part of PPC is, You can track all Impacts Like Visits, Conversions, Impressions, Cost Per Results, etc. And also, you can see your results in demographical behaviors.
  3. Retargeting Option
    Retargeting is the most valuable option in PPC. SEO, Social Media and other traffic generating methods can take more visitors to the website. Visits will come, then they will read your content, maybe they will exit without making any booking. If someone leaves the website without making a booking, We have to understand the reason. For example,
    a. Our Contents not interested and can’t convert visits to sales
    b. Mistakenly Click on your Web link or Your website has reached the wrong Audience.
    c. Your rates do not attract them

There are many reasons. I have pointed out a few of them. Because of those reasons, you will drop some sales.

You can use the retargeting option and make them an interest in your hotel. We can retarget them by using Offer Banners, Discount Coupons, etc.

As I said, Through the retargeting, we can reach your website visitors again and again.

Do you more interested in PPC? Check Our Pay per Click Advertising Article.

What you have to consider before start PPC Advertising? Top three.

  1. PPC can do by your self. But I recommend at least for six months hire a specialist
  2. If you are planning to hire a specialist, request PPC Analyze report with Suggestion (Budget, Competitor behaviors, etc.)
  3. Try to Hire a Certified Specialist and focus more on sales than the traffic..

There are many things to consider. You can read my PPC Article to know In detail about the process and everything.

Reputation Management

If you are going to buy a product through the internet or any other way, what are the things you going to check? Price, Product Description and Details, Reviews, etc.

Here we are going to talk about reviews. Reputation Management is not only about reviews. But on the Internet its mostly reviews, feedbacks, ratings, and recommendations.

As a Hotel Owner, you must think about this. Provide an excellent Service, then get good feedback and convert it into a new conversion. It’s like a chain.

There are many platforms to collect Reviews. As an example,

  • Google reviews
  • Facebook Recommendations
  • Video Testimonials
  • Trip Adviser

Reviews can make an impact on your Website ranks too. For Hotel Owners, my Recommendations are Trip Advisor and Video testimonials on Social media.

Try to get some testimonials from some of the guests. Spread it on Social media. After seeing these testimonials, guests confidence will improve to come to your hotel.

According to the Wordstream research, 45% of Travellers has Changes their mind after seen reviews. More than 52% of travelers trust video testimonial than the written review.

Try to get some good reviews. If you want to get more foreigners, try to make a testimonial video by using your foreign guest. Give them something extra. That will be an investment.

“White skin People trust white skin people than the black skin people” it’s a universal truth.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a vast area. If you have Good Social media accounts and a good content marketing strategy, you don’t want to focus on Website and SEO strategy to get bookings.

Nowadays social media and contents are the breaks through of the Digital marketing.

And also keep in mind, Content marketing is not a one night Stand, it’s a long term relationship. Contents we can mainly divide into the two categories.

  1. Written Content – Blogs
  2. Video Content – YouTube, Social media Videos

Nowadays Video Contents are the gasoline of digital marketing.

How many videos do you have watched during the day without knowing it’s marketing? That’s the magic of content marketing.

Those content make you want that product without telling buy this, this is the best. As a hotel owner, you have hundreds of content to push on the Social media an YouTube.

If you need to learn how to create a perfect YouTube channel, read my YouTube Article.

I will give you some ideas. Think through these ideas and create engaging content that shows your uniqueness and authority.

  1. Prepare some exotic dishes and record them and create attractive videos to make your viewers hungry. Post it on Social media using hashtags.
  2. If you have a beautiful environment around your hotel, make a few videos to show the beauty of it.
  3. If your hotel is near to any important place, like some sacred place or special place, make few videos for explaining the importance of these places and in the video tell your hotel is very near to that place.
  4. Create testimonial videos and spread them on Social media.
  5. Invite one of Youtuber to get your hotel experience for free. And discuss with him to give a shoutout. You don’t need a huge and world-famous one.
  6. Find travel blogs and request them to write a feature article (you have to pay for it)

Likewise, there are many resources to built content. Think deeply and show your uniqueness to the world.

Social Media

Social media is the gasoline for your marketing effort. It will help you to go there what you want to go and beyond. Social media can make you as well as break you.

If you know to get control of it, only social media is enough to win the race and fill your hotels with bookings.

There are many platforms you can use with your purpose. Other than any social media platform, Facebook and Instagram pages can make an impact on your business.

If you don’t have enough budget to create a fancy website and advertise everywhere, create a Facebook page and Instagram account as your first step.

Then post something daily related to your hotel. It can be a small video, classy photo get from your mobile or share a special recipe. Use hashtags and write some creative sentence related to your photo.

Post it on your timeline. Don’t think about likes, and shares keep posting. Then you need a small budget of around $50.

It’s for a page like campaigns. Keep posting content and more focus on page likes. Use this $50 to grow your page likes. Create a Page like a campaign.

If you want to learn how to set up a Page like a campaign, watch below tutorial.

Facebook Ads Pages Likes Campaign Tutorial 2018 – Facebook Page Likes Ads Examples

If you are planning to execute a social media strategy, there are some protocols for best practice.

  1. Keep posting daily
  2. Answer for every message and comment ASAP
  3. If someone put negative comment or feedback on your Facebook, never be aggressive and argue with them. handle it nicely and give a compliment (if you can)
  4. Use post varieties (I will explain FB post types in my next article or google it)
  5. Don’t use more than three Hashtags on Facebook.
  6. Never beg for likes, comment, shares in the comment section
  7. Always add quality contents, because your Facebook page is the brand ambassador

Keep this in mind, When you start a page like a campaign, never focus on countries like the USA, Europe, Australia, until 500-page likes.

It’s better to run campaigns for Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philipines, the Maldives as the first step. Because for the USA and European countries, Ads cost is high. And also difficult to get likes immediately.

But in Asian countries, we can achieve 500 page likes goals immediately. After that, you can focus on other countries. And also, maintain a Color theme is an essential fact in social media.

Brand consistency is a sensitive thing for a success story.

As a second step, try to add content on YouTube. YouTube can make a fantastic impact on your Hotel bookings.

If you want to learn how to be a success on YouTube, Check my YouTube Article. And also, If you need any advice or If you need any support, send us a message on Facebook.

Third Party Booking Sites

Third Party Booking Sites

We will write a separate article for this third booking sites. Here I will brief it. Nowadays, Third-party booking sites are a compelling conversion method.

As you know,,, and Trip Adviser are the best examples. More than 45% of travelers are making their bookings through these platforms.

There are some best practices for Third Party Booking sites.

Top Ten Tips for, Agoda and Trip Adviser

  1. Use High Quality and Attractive Images. Never use blurry photos.
  2. Through your Photos, should be able to get a proper idea about the Hotel
  3. Add 100% accurate details, never add false information and facilities.
  4. Before setup, a package on third party site, do a cost calculation including third-party site fee
  5. Response for all the feedback
  6. Never be aggressive on negative feedbacks
  7. Provide good service to guests and get more feedbacks
  8. Try to provide competitive facilities than your competitors
  9. Find the uniqueness of your hotel and promote it on Third party site
  10. If you don’t know how to do it correctly, Find an expert on this and get advice. Or watch a few tutorials, read several articles and learn about it. A low-quality third-party profile can damage your hotel brand forever.

There are many third party sites on the internet. Never create accounts in all the platforms if you can’t manage it properly.

And also keep in mind, In Sri Lanka, we are mostly using the above three sites. But there are more countries and Audience specified sites.

We will talk about it in my future article.

Through this long article, I have talked about Essential Hotel Marketing Strategies. I think this article will help you to get a basic idea about hotel marketing strategies.

There many things I haven ’t include here. The reason is those things are very specified to the Purpose, Audience, and Location. We will discuss those things through future articles.

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