How to use Think Chart for Identify the Real Digital Marketing Requirement

Business Planning Tool

In our day to day lifestyle, we are using many tools to save our time and make things easy. Think Chart is the best tool for identifying the real requirements of the Client. Usually, before the first meeting with clients, I give this tool to them. According to my experience, more than 60% of clients don’t know their requirement. As a result of this, they get disappointed with digital marketing. They are expecting the wrong results from the wrong effort. As a digital marketer, I need to see a happy ending. If you need a happy ending, you need a strong beginning. Therefore I am using this tool. If you are a digital marketer, I recommend this to you. If you are a Business owner, you should take this Think Chart for the first meeting with your Digital marketing strategist. This Guide will help you to create perfect Think Chart. And also keep in mind, You can customize this think chart according to your purpose. I have created this for small hotel owners. I have added some data into the Think Chart. Don’t think too much about the numbers. It’s just an example to give a clear idea.

Think Chart Data Filling Order

Think Chart - Business Planning Tool Order

I suggest this order. If you feel, it’s better to fill out the goal as earliest it’s your choice. You have freedom for any change. As I said earlier, you can change the layout according to your purpose.


In here you have to add the budget. You can add Total budget or Monthly Budget. If you add a total budget, decide your duration.

As an example,
I have LKR100000 budget for five months. Then Your Digital Marketing Consultant will set his strategies according to the budget.

Think Chart - Budget

What do you have now?

THink Chart - What do you have

In this section, you have to add your current situation. Add everything as points with real numbers.

Values/ Resources

This section is the most important section. Values section will help you to catch your unique point. If you need a build a brand, we need to highlight your brand through the unique values. Such as hotel View, Special and unique Facilities, etc. and also add your resources here. Then your digital marketing strategies can utilize those resources. It will help to reduce the extra cost. Take your time and fill this section carefully. Think deeply and never miss any simple point.

Think Chart - Values and Resources


Think Chart - Goals

add future plans and Goals here. Then your digital marketer will able to plan his project and utilize your resources according to it.


Add the Duration. For this Section, You need a help from digital marketing consultant

Think CHart - Duration


Think Chart - Strategies

Fill this section at the meeting. This section is a team effort. According to your budget and resources, Digital Marketing consultant will suggest these strategies. Share your ideas with them and respect his suggestions too. Then you will be able to get a perfect output.

Success Criteria

In this section add how to execute the above strategies. I mean the process of the project. Then You can get an idea about the whole process. You can fill this section during the meeting with digital marketing strategist’s help.

Think CHart - Success Criterias


Think Chart - Note

This is a final section. You can add any special point here.

As I said earlier, this tool can make a big impact on your final result. Especially I have planned this Think Chart for Small hotel owners. You can create an own Think Chart using this foundation according to the purpose.