How To Identify Your Audience? And Build A Loyal Customer Base (Article 2)

Identify Your Audience

In our first article regarding Identify Your Audience stages, we have discussed first three stages of audience journey.  So in this article, I would like to discuss next stages of this journey. Forth stage onward, this journey starts to get the conversions.

We have discussed Subscribe stage as our final topic in the last article. If your audience is in Subscribe stage, you will be able to focus on your profits and conversions. Let’s start to make more conversions.

Convert Stage

Now your audience is in subscribe stage. That means, they know you and they have interest in your brand. So this is the perfect time to sell your product or service.

For that, you can use offers. Offers will give a force signal to your consumer’s mind, to buy your product. It’s like this. I will explain it through the few examples.

  1. You are selling Televisions, You can give free DVD player for an every television purchase above $250.
  2. You are offering 500$ value service for 100$ only for one month
  3. You are selling guitars, give guitar case for free

Like this, you can think creatively and give an attractive offer related to your main product. It will give a positive mindset to consumers to buy your product.

Excite Stage

Now Your Audience has purchased your product. In the Excite stage, you have to give some value to customer purchased product. These stages are easy to explain through the examples. That mean’s give some additional help.

  1. If your customer has purchased a guitar, you can give free guitar learning CD, or help them to tune their guitar or do a friendly discussion and advice them to use a guitar correctly.
  2. If they have Purchased on your service, you can advise them about the next steps and instructions to get the real benefits on your Service

These points are very simple. Easy to do. But these points will help you to build a loyal customer base. Challenge is to identify the perfect movement.

Ascend Stage

In this stage, you will be able to sell more product to the customer. It’s like friendly recommendations. It’s like this,

  1. Now you have sold a guitar. According to the Excite Stage, now you are helping them to tune the guitar and advising them to use it correctly. While this conversation, you can explain the benefits of using guitar straps. And also you can give an offer.

“ We are selling this straps for 50$. But I will give this to you for 30$”

  1. If Your Customer has brought a television, You can offer a TV stand for the special discounted rate.

You have to be creative. Then you will be able to improve sales and build a loyal customer base through this Journey.

Advocate Stage

In the Advocate Stage, You will be able to convert usual customers to your most loyal customers. For that, you have to do something extra. In Sri Lanka, Pizza Hut is the best example. After received your Pizza, next day Pizza Hut Customer care will call you and ask about your Pizza experience.  That’s the Advocate Stage. It’s amazing. This call can build a strong relationship.

There are more things to do to engage with your customers. I will take guitar Seller example, After one week you can give a call and ask about the experience.

Promote Stage

This is the Final Stage of customer value journey. In this stage, you don’t have anything do. Word of mouth is the best way to promote a product. If you will able to take your Audience through this Journey at the correct movements, they will become your promoters.