How To Identify Your Audience? And Build A Loyal Customer Base (Article 1)

Do you know your audience?
To whom are you planning to do a Lead campaign?
Do you need more subscribers to your newsletter?

To do all these stuff, there is one thing you should know it’s your audience thinking pattern. If your target is to be a successful marketer, you should know your audience well. Through this article, I’m going to explain about audience stages and their unique behaviors according to the stages. Read this article carefully, think and categorize your audiences according to these points. Then you will able to identify your audience

identify your audience - Nash

Aware stage

The aware stage is the first stage of this long journey. End of this journey, your audience will become your promoters. So let’s start.

In this stage, you want to make your brand familiar to the audience. For that, you have to improve the brand visibility among the relevant audience. You should use every platform that you can match to your budget and purpose. As a digital marketer, you can use google display advertising, Facebook reaches campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, post boosts, etc. To promote the brand through the internet. And also if you can spend use newspapers and television media too. For example, did you remember how team approach in Sri Lanka? First, they advertise on television. Still, Sri Lankan people are using television more than the internet. More than 45 percent internet users are from the western province. Mainly in Colombo. Advertising media platform depends on your audience and the purpose. If you want to focus youth, then go for the internet. If you have creative designers, you can do it through the few facebook posts.

Engage stage

Now your audience has some small memory about your brand. They are a bit familiar with your brand name, logo and other unique things about your brand. It’s like this when they saw your logo or someone talk about something related to your product, some memories and images will come to their mind. They will feel they know this product, they have seen this in somewhere.

In the engage stage, you have to improve this. Engage stage is the movement you are going to start a relationship and engage with your audience for the first time. This time is the best time to execute content marketing strategy. Give some valuable thing to your audience. It does not look like marketing. But it’s marketing. Tell the story of your product and explain to them, how your brand is going to transform them into a better life and a movement. You can use blog articles, small videos, infographics and content materials to educate your audience. Then they will start to engage with you. They will comment on your articles and videos. Sometime they will argue with others about your service and products. So that is the engagement we need. That means they start to think and speak about us.

Subscribe stage

In the engage stage, you have given some valuable thing to your audience. Now they know you and familiar. They will feel you as a valuable source. They need to keep this relationship continuously. They need more valuable sources from you. So this is your chance to take their lead. You can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. They will subscribe you if they feel, you engage stage contents are really valuable to them. In this stage, you can take their leads. It’s very useful.

Use newsletters are just one thing. You can use this stage in many creative ways. As an example, if your brand is biscuits, you can start a youtube channel and prepare different types of innovation dessert recipes using your biscuits. Then you can tell your audience if you want to know the more tasty recipe, subscribe us.

In this example, making a youtube channel and pushing videos is related to the engage stage. Subscribe request is related to this stage

these are the first three stages of the audience value journey. This journey has more five stages. Let’s talk about those five stages in my next article. If not, this article will get bored. Like our facebook page and stay tuned with us. ( this is a real-time example for subscribe stage, I asked you to like our page and stay tuned to read our next article)


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