How to Become SEO Expert?

SEO Expert

SEO Expert

Some People say SEO is Dead and Some People Say SEO is still working. According to my Experience, both of them are correct.  SEO is dead and Alive. Through this Article, I hope to discuss these two sides. Which part is dead and Which Part is still Alive. And also I will help you to learn the alive part of SEO. Keep in mind there are some methods still Babies.

If you want to Learn SEO, You have to do it, Buy a domain, search SEO methods via the internet, try different methods and do experiments. You can’t be SEO Expert through SEO courses. SEO Courses are covering basic things on SEO. SEO comes from the experience. Some People have asked how do you learn SEO, Which Courses do you have followed. And SEO depends on the Country. In the USA we have to focus some specific Techniques, but in Sri Lanka, we have to use different techniques. It depends on people’s behaviors. Sri Lankan Internet users and the USA Internet users behaviors are totally different. I mean the concept is same, but the approach is different. Before start SEO we must Identify our Audience. Then only you can be a success in the related area.

Let’s discuss dead areas in SEO. In SEO there are two main strategies. First one is Technical Strategies and the second one is tricks. Technical methods help to stable your ranks and tricks helps to boost your ranks. Now the Technical methods have updated, and tricks have changed according to the Latest search engine algorithms. People who haven’t updated knowledge on SEO say SEO is Dead, Do PPC Campaigns. Truth is their not doing the correct one.

Four, Five Years ago SEO experts have given their full focus on Link Building. They have built hundreds of backlinks per day. In those days, backlinks depend on Quantity. But things have changed. Now it depends on Quality, not the Quantity. If you want to be a success, more focus on natural link Building strategies. It will take time to build a natural backlink, but its effective than hundred of unnatural backlinks. For example Start Guest posting and microblogging. It’s a kind of content marketing. Likewise Nowadays everything wants to be natural. Useless Directory Submissions, SMB Submissions never going to work anymore.

We have to deal with highly intelligent Search Engines. Old SEO gimmicks not going to work anymore. You must think about your contents. Try to use resourceful, Unique and fresh Contents. More focus on user experience. Try to make your website more attractive, readable and high performance. Sometime your website colors will affect your ranks. Now Google is intelligent. He can read your Website A to Z. Even Photos. Google has owned the most lag database of people mindsets. For Example, if Google thinks Negombo People hasn’t interested in green color, They will give more priority to other color websites in that area. And the next things is Social Media. Social media can do a big change in your ranks. Actually, it’s not about the Likes, Its all about the shares and referrals.

Before executing your SEO Plan, you must think about your Audience behaviors and watch their patterns. Then do some experiments in a related area. You can find out the success point to rank your website.  Likewise, SEO has a huge area to discuss. I hope to write more articles on SEO. And also there are a lot of requests to write in Sinhala. In my next SEO Article, I hope to point out Latest SEO Techniques. Put a like on our page and keep in touch.

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