Essential Features of Every Good Business Website in Sri Lanka

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Business Website in Sri Lanka

Nowadays Website for a business is a mandatory thing. Geographically People’s has different thinking Patterns. Through this Article, I hope to Discuss regarding Essential Features of Every Good Business Website in Sri Lanka.Growing Small Business to Huge Companies Should think about their Digital marketing Preferences. Digital marketing is Vas are with Huge Audience. There are no barriers on the Internet. You can do anything That you want. Because of this Space and Ultimate freedom, Companies have unable to Identify their real goals. Because of this reason, they’re wasting their money without good ROI.

Mostly Digital Marketing Agencies in Sri Lanka, Show Facebook Likes, Shares, Views to the Client and tell it is the Success. After few months, Company Owner was able to understand what happened. Brand awareness is an Important thing, but after your brand Awareness campaigns, Your Digital marketer should know how to improve the sales of it. Likewise, most of Digital Marketing Companies Cheat on their Customers same as the Web Designers. Now You can Create a Website for five thousand rupees.

Some Web designers will promise to give a lot of things on your Web. We can add this, We will add this, We can Add Slider, lot off Bla blah things. But As a Company owner, you should Consider following things. IF your Web designer doesn’t know the industry and Science of the Websites perfectly, They will show you a fake diamond and smuggle your money. If your company has a Website, It should help to improve your Sales. If not, no point to waste money on the Website. If you are Planning a Website for your Business, Consider following points. It will help you to get a better result.

Proper Design

Responsive Web

First You should choose a proper design. Think about the Color theme. it’s better if you can choose a color theme similar to your company color theme. Website Contents and the Design give the First Impression of Your Company. Don’t use too many Colors, Select Maximum four colors for your website, try to avoid Italic Letters. Italic Letters, Too many Colors can take the Attention, but it will reduce the attractiveness and clearness.

Short and Sweet Content

Technically for SEO, it’s better you can add more than 400 words for the Page Content (Not for the Blog Articles). Try to keep it short and Sweet. Short means, never use Lengthy Sentences. You Should use Key-words and Keywords. Keywords mean, Your Company focusing Search terms. You can get it through the Adwords Planner. Key-Words means, Your product/Company key features. Use Powerful words, explain your product clearly without using too much marketing and heavy words. Try to Educate your visitors about your Company and the Product. It will build a relationship. And relationship will build the Conversion

Internal Linking System

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a separate topic. It has so many things to discuss. But Keep this in your Mind. You must add Internal linking in your website. It will improve your SEO rankings. You can find more articles about Internal Linking via Google. I hope to write an article too.

Blog Page

Blog Page for your Business website is a very important thing. It has a lot of benefits.

  • Blog page helps to focus Long tail keywords and Similar Keyword
  • Build a relationship with You and website visitor
  • Google Loves Fresh Content. If you can maintain a blog with unique and fresh content, It will improve your rankings
  • Supports your social media initiatives
  • Builds authority in your industry
  • Humanizes your brand and Facilitates valuable discussion

Likewise, there are more benefits. Maintain a proper blog. If you want to know more about blogs, Read my “How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Article?” Blog Article.

Call to Action Buttons

More than 65% Website visits come via Smart Devices. And the Percentage is growing. That means We should give some special focus for Smart Devices like Mobile phones and Tabs. Call to Action Button is  One of the best methods, to Convert your Website Visitors to a Sale. You can Add Call now Button, Whatsapp Message Button, Messenger Button on your website. That will Encourage your Audience to contact you. Don’t forget to add your location and Direction map on your Site

Social Proof

More than 67% of Sri Lankan Audience think reviews matters. Add Testimonial Area in your Website the First page. But never going to add fake reviews. Because If someone identifies it, Your reputation will drop. Do it Carefully, Reply Impatiently for bad reviews and try to convert it to a Sale. Show your customer care. It will help to build a relationship between you and your consumer. They will spread your name. It is the best marketing technique

Your Authority

Spread Your Authority. That means You should prove you are the best in the Industry. You can discuss benefits, Specialty, After Service and everything you do but your Competitors don’t. Highlight it.

There are more things to consider. At least you should think about these points. Keep this in your Mind, If your Website can’t generate Sales and Build relationships, no point to waste your money on it. If your Website not seen on Top of Google Search Results, your Website is useless. Your Website should rank for Related Keywords not for Company name or Brand Name. (rank on Company Name or Product Brand Name is a basic requirement. Rank on Related Keywords is the Challenge)