How to Double your Sales by Using PPC Advertising for your Business

What do you know about PPC Advertising?

PPC Advertising in Sri Lanka | Nash

PPC Advertising or Pay per Click Advertising is the most effective and results-driven method of Digital Marketing. But you must do it in right way. If not you will Lose your money and time. PPC is not a big deal. If you have identified your audience properly and the correct knowledge about the PPC Platforms with a small budget, You will be able to run your first PPC Campaign. There are so many platforms we have used in PPC. In this Article, my main focus in Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

Google Adwords,

Would you like to run a PPC Campaign on Google Adwords, You need a Gmail Account. By using this Gmail Account, you have to Sign Up for AdWords. Then you can start your campaign according to your requirement.In Google Adwords, you have six ads types. You can use those ads types according to your purpose.

PPC Advertising - Difference
  • Search Network with Display Select – To take the better rankings and reduce the brand awareness
  • Search Network only – To win the ranking race
  • Display Network only – Seen on Google
  • Shopping – Product Show Case
  • Video – Seen on Google and reduce the Awareness Speedly
  • Universal app – Seen on every Device

Google Adword Budget decide on Keywords bid rates. So it can be one dollar to thousands of dollars. You will be able to add customizations and limitations on Adwords.

Difference Between Search results ads and Display Network Ads

Google Adwords - Search Network vs Display Network

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the Strongest Social media Platform in the World. You can Advertise here just for one Dollar. If you are new, I recommend using Facebook as your first step. The reason is you don’t need much expert knowledge to start facebook campaign. If you have a Facebook Page, you can Start your first FB campaign. If you have Products to Show, Facebook is the most powerful Platform.

In PPC Management there are some Special Characteristics. Those Characteristics are the main reason to do a PPC Campaign for your Business.

Real-time Impacts

One of the Best Characteristics of PPC Management is Real-time Impacts. If you want to get rank on Google first Page, But Still your website is new, Adwords Campaigns are the best Solution. Its hundred times speed than the SEO.  I know SEO is a very important thing, but it takes some time to give a better result. But Adwords Campaigns are not like that, If you have a Proper Landing Page with relevant Budget and good knowledge about Adwords, you will be able to win the ranking race. Start your PPC campaign now, within one hour you can see the Impacts. Do you know? There are a lot of Companies doing Hundred million dollar business only using Facebook Advertising.


If You are Planning to Advertise on Television on Radio, You will have to spend more than one million for the Campaign. And Now the Newspapers are useless. But in PPC you don’t need to spend that much. In Sri Lanka, you can do a Facebook campaign just for one dollar. Trust me guys. Just Spend one Dollar, you will be able to earn more than hundred dollars on it. That’s an awesome thing. I know this truth because I’m doing it too. According to the PPC Experts, If you spend a 1$ You can earn 2$. Google Adwords, Facebook or any other Platform, this is the real situation. But one thing you have to think carefully, how to be creative and How to find an expert on PPC Advertising

Flexible and Scalable

Every PPC Platform is Flexible and Scalable. If you are planning to Advertise on Radio, television or Newspaper, How are you going to measure your Advertisement Impacts? Those Advertising media can’t track. In PPC, You will be able to track every cent of Dollars. You can see how people have engaged in your Advertisement. The best thing about PPC is, You can decide your Audience. That means its so flexible. You can show your ads to the most relevant Audience. Then You money will not get wasted. In other Advertising, medias show your Ads to the General Audience.

I have a Small Question, Ask it from yourself.

When you are watching a teledrama on the Television, Seriously Did you watch those Advertisements in the breaks? I never watch that Advertisements. I simply take my mobile phone and scroll the Facebook or Instagram. ( Best thing is I’m not watching Televisions)

You Can Decide your Budget

In PPC Management Platforms you can decide your budget. You will be able to see the Estimate impacts according to your budgets. But in Other media, they are Deciding the Budgets. For this Space, We need this much of money. But in here, There are no Barriers and Limitations. Your Choice, Your Audience, and Your Impacts.

If your Business is New or Already Established, don’t think too much. Find an expert or learn PPC and Start your First PPC campaign. I don’t want to explain this more, just spend one dollar and see the impacts. further, If you have any concern or doubt, Contact me via Facebook Page or Contact us Page.



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