Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka?

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Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka

Do you have a Business? Today I am going to discuss, Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka?

If You Own a Business, Whatever Small or Big, this Article will help you to increase your Sales. Every Businessmen final Purpose is Income. So let’s Start to achieve more,

What is Marketing?

There are a lot of definitions, But Simply Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

If any Quality Product doesn’t have a proper marketing plan, It will get fail in Market. There is big competition on every product. Consumers have a lot of options. Therefore Business owners must think about, how we take the attention of consumers and Does your Product or Service can full fill their requirements in Quality way.

We can use different media to reach our Audience. Nowadays Social media is the Strongest method to sell your product in the Smart world.

What is SMM?

SMM or Social media marketing is the method of doing marketing in Social media Platforms. Social media marketing mainly Depend on Statistics, trends and the Quality. As You know, Facebook is the Strongest Social Media Platform in the World. And also Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, youtube, Pinterest are few of others. Anyone can start the SMM using these Platforms without spending one rupee. If you want to Know about, “How to Plan your Social Media Marketing Strategy?”, Click on the hyperlink and read the article.

Why is SMM for Your Business?

The First thing is Huge Active Audience. Colombo Digital Marketers Website has Provided Some Statistics about Current Situation of Sri Lankan Social media behaviors,

Social Media marketing in sRI lANKA
Source: www.digitalmarketer.lk

See, this is the Current Situation of Sri Lankan Social media behaviors. It is growing speedily. The second thing is Cost, If you are planning to do advertising on Television, Radio or Newspapers, You have to Spend minimum one hundred thousand. As a Small business that much of Advertising cost? Can you handle it? If you have a Huge Company who have planned to Advertise on above medias, how are you going to track the Audience? I mean, How do you know, how many people have seen your Advertisement? You can’t track those details. That’s the Different SMM is giving a value for every cent. SMM can track everything and Show your Advertisement to most relevant Audience.

Cost is also very low. You just need 1$ to Start the Campaign. Special You can see what happen to my dollars, through the Reports. How Many people have Click on my Advertisement, What is the Reach count? Likewise, You can track lot of thing in SMM

But take all these benefits, You must do it in the Proper way. If You have a Good knowledge, It’s better to handle your Social media behaviors by yourself. If you don’t have any idea about Professional SMM, it’s better to hire trustful company or a Person.




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