How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Article?

Sri Lanka SEO Expert

Write a blog on your website or Write a Separate blog for your product and services, is very useful thing. Blogging is a very effective content marketing strategy. It has Marketing Benefits and SEO Benefits.Sri Lanka SEO Expert Explains,

Marketing Benefits SEO Benefits
Humanizes the brand Increases Search Engine Traffic
Builds authority in your industry Helps generate inbound links
Facilitates valuable discussion Helps you rank for long-tail search queries
Improves conversion rates Allows you to achieve ‘freshness’ (Google loves it)

If you need to take these benefits, You have to consider very important points. In this Article, I am Going to Explain how to create SEO friendly Blog Article. Through this way, you can take above benefits and also drive more traffic to your website.

Ok let’s start,

Topic & Title

First thing is Article topic. For Article Topic, you have to think, What do you want to tell? Why they Listen to you? Who is the Audience? What are the benefits, Audience can take through your topic? Ask these questions from your self. Then Decide a topic and Check similar Articles. Through that way, you can clarify, what are you going to tell or not?

Then You need good Title with Keyword relevant to your Article Topic. You can use Usual keywords and Long tail keywords here. For that, you can use Google Adwords Planner. Create meaningful and Understandable Title tag. Because Google only loves you, When Everyone else loves you first.

Best Length of the Blog Post

Top ranks in google search result is a one of an effective way to take more traffic to your website. According to the world Class Experts and my experience, Google is considering the Article Length ( not for the Gossip Sites and news Sites). Earlier Short and Sweet is the trick. But now its changed.

See below proofs,

Social proof 1

Social proof 2

Social proof 3

According to my Experience, I am Recommending 750 – 1500 Words for one Article. This word count is not for the Gossips Sites and News Sites.

Use Headers and Subheaders

Headers and Subheaders will help to break a Long blog post and also It help to Readers to Scan your blog content and convince them to read the whole post. That means, Before reading the Whole thing, usually people like to take the Idea about the Blog post. Is this Relevant to me? Through the Sub Headers and Headers reader can understand what am I going to read? Therefore use headers in relevant places and remember H1 tags are also a good SEO trick.

Use lists

Numbered lists or bullet-pointed lists help people scan blog posts fast and find the information they’re looking for quickly.

Use punctuation

You must use full stops, commas, dashes, and colons to break up each paragraph into smaller pieces of information. No one Want to re-read the same Sentence several times to understand. Punctuation helps to increase the Understanding of your blog post. If you’re not confident about punctuation keep sentences short or use Grammarly.

Short Paragraphs

Online Reading is a harder than the usual reading. Online reading is not familiar to your mind. Therefore mind will try to get you tired. But if you write paragraphs, that small spaces between paragraphs will help to refresh your mind.

Font type and Size

Usually, Successful bloggers are using sans-serif font and Roboto fonts
Best Font Size,

Font Scale



Don’t overuse Bold. It reduces the weight of Highlighted Points.

Capital Letters

Use capitals for proper nouns and at the beginning of sentences but avoid writing all in capitals because it’s harder to read.

White Space

Make sure blog isn’t too busy or distracting and gives readers somewhere to rest their eye from time to time


If you can Use 3 Images. It is the better way. According to the requirement and resources, it can be changed

First Character Secret

In the First Letter of the Blog, Bold it and increase the font size. And the Second letter, just bold it. For an example

C = Bold, Size – 14
O = Bold, size – same size (11), like other letters in the Paragraph
This can Improve the Attention of your blog Article.

Sample Article Layout


Article Layout Nash


Finally I want to say, Start a Blog and Drive more traffic





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