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Specialists in Sri Lanka Content Marketing Industry, They are Effectively using Youtube for Spread the Brands among the Audience. And also They are earning from it. More than the Blog articles Audience Trust the YouTuber’s words. Therefore highly famous Companies are hiring YouTubers to promote their brands. Through this Article, you can learn How to Create rankable titles, Descriptions and how to take more visits by using professional techniques. Create Youtube Channel for your Company and Keep Uploading.

Content marketing through the Videos is the best way to touch a good audience. For video content, there are some platforms to stream videos.

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Metacafe

Top of the list is YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine and a huge untapped traffic source. (In fact, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day). And also Google is also Provide Video search result on Google Search Engine. More than a Blog article, video contents can make a big noise in the Audience.

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Use Below Tips and take more views,

Video Keywords

To find video keywords we have good tools.

Title and Description

Your Youtube title is a very important thing. It must simply communicate the idea about your video and clickable.In the YouTube there are mostly using words, If we add these words into the title, we can hope good result.

  • How to
  • Tutorial
  • Tips
  • Reviews
  • Funny Videos

Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

  • Put your link at the very top of the video (this maximizes CTR to your site)
  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make the description at least 250-words
  • Include your keyword 3-4 times


Tags aren’t super important. But it helps to improve the visibility of your video as a suggestion. Therefore try to use your competitor’s tags. You can use “Tags for YouTube” Addon in Google Chrome and FireFox.

Tags = Your Keyword + Competitor Tags + Similar Searching words + Powerful words relevant to the video

Video Filename

When you’re done with the video make sure that you use the keyword in the video’s filename.For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword “health tips”, you’d want to name your video helth_tips_video.mp4


  • Resourceful Content
  • Best Video duration is 90 seconds ( Depend on your Purpose, for Content Marketing 90s)
  • Simple and Attractive videos

How to Create a Youtube Channel

You need Gmail Address to create Youtube Channel.This Video will explain it Step by Step





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