How to Plan a Website for your Organization ?

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Nowadays Website is one of most important thing for a company. There are so many advantages. We can use the website for marketing purpose. If your website rank in 1st page of the google search result, relate to your product category, it gives a huge impact to your business. You can gain a big market share through the website. For this everything, you need a well-planned, attractive, high-performance website with SEO support. In here we are going to discuss how to plan a website for you Organization.  You have more thing to think before creating a website. In here we talk about most important things.

Before Everything, You need to ask these questions from yourself

  • Why we need a Website?
  • Who will come to this website
  • What are we going to do with it?
  • How to get more traffic?
  • Budget ?
  • Who can do this?

To answer these questions, I take  below assumptions to explain it easily,

Assumptions: “Mobile phone Selling Shop with 2 branches. They need a website for low cost.owner don’t need to sell mobile through the website ( they don’t need online store)  they need just a showcase with prices and offers ”

Why we need a Website?

For this Mobile phone selling shop, their main purpose is to build a trust among Community and Do a Marketing through the website. Definitely,  if your developer can create an Attractive website according to the Standards it gives a good impression about your organization. You can add “about us” page and tell about your Strengths, History, milestone, Awards and your company vision. Then customers can get clear idea about your company

Then You can add a Showcase page. In the showcase page, we can add mobile phones details according to the Brands. This page is very useful for SEO. You can use Keywords according to the Mobile Phone Model. SEO is a Good Marketing strategy. If your website gets ranked on the first page in google search result. It gives a huge impact to your organization. And also it will increase the trust about your company among the community.

I think now you can Clearly identify, Why this Company needs a Website.

Who will Come to this website?

We can divide it into 3 types of audience. The first type is New Customers.Their purpose is to buy a mobile phone for an affordable price in trustful place. For this types of visitors, you must need Quality About us page with trustful certifications. And also add your milestone and awards. If you can add some social works you have done, it will give an extra trust to your company.

Next thing is you need to show your stocks, your price list in an attractive way. It needs to be very clear, detailed and user-friendly page. You can discuss with your developer and create shop page.

The second type is Old customers. They have a trust on you. You need to protect and grow their trust. They will visit the website for offers and compare the prices. So you have to do something special. Discuss it with your Digital Marketing consultant and create a strategy for it.

Third and the Last type is Tech Geeks and Finders. They are the best marketing Audience. If you can create an updated website with low prices, they will spread your name among the community. Examples: “Hey yeah!! Their shop is good, they have promotions, see the price. No warranty issues, this shop is the best seller in 2017”. Big shout for you, You have to think about Tech Geeks and Finders too.

What are we going to do with it?

According to the Assumptions, this shop’s owner no needs an online store. He needs to build the reputation. And also he needs a showcase, to show his products to the customers. Then anyone can see the prices, take the details about new products and see the promotions. And also he has the Marketing strategy. Do SEO and take this website on to the 1st page in google search result.

For your website, first, tell your requirements to the Developer. Then discuss with him and select good primary keywords. for an example for this mobile phone shop “ Mobile Phones Sri Lanka”. your Consultant or developer will help you to find it. Then create a responsive website, Creat Active Social Media Profiles and Start your Battle.

How to get more traffic?

First thing is Content, You must add Unique, Interesting and Creative content. Do not add too many paragraphs. Keep your Website Short and Sweet. Parallel to the Website, maintain social media profiles like facebook, twitter. It will help you to increase your website traffic and gain new customers. And there are more creative and technical methods, you can discuss with your digital media consultant or Developer.

Budget ?

Next Important thing is the budget. Nowadays you can create a website for 45$. But the thing is these websites are useless. No SEO support, No Mobile Responsive and there are more issues on it. The website is worthless, without branding Strategy. If you need real effect from your company, try to find total online branding solution. Total Online Branding Solution has included these options, Website + SEO Support + Social Media + Advertising Campaign + Branding Consultation.

Who can do this?

Simply I can Say, Only Creative minds can do this

As a Nash Online Branding Solutions is an affordable online marketing company Sri Lanka, Our Strength is we have Creative and Energetic professionals to take your Brand Infinity and beyond. We are offering you Customized and affordable packages. Contact us, and then you can understand who can do this?



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