How Social Media Marketing Effect your Business

Social Media Marketing - Sri Lanka

Nowadays Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most trending Marketing Strategy. You are going to Spread your Business among  2.95 Billion people around the’s a Huge community. And also still it’s improving 

Social Media Marketing Statistics


In the social media, you can send your Brand Message to most relevant and Filtered customer base.  This thing is very effective. As an Example, Assume: your Product is Mobile Phones. You are going to advertise on TV about your Shop or few Mobile phones. You have to spend millions for this. Mobile Phones market is in among the youth crowd . do you think they are watching TVs anymore?  They have Smart Devices, they don’t need to watch your Advertisement and remember your price or shop. They can search it on the Internet.  But If you have a Facebook account you can do paid advertising and you can market your product through your Facebook page. You going to post something forever, anyone can see it until you delete it. You can make loyal and Strong customer me guys, as a Leading Online Branding Company in Sri Lanka, We are following this Strategy for us and for our client’s. yeah! It’s working. Today we are going to discuss 4 main Social Media Platforms



Facebook Logo

Facebook is the Largest and the Most using Social Media Platform. It has Huge Community with different requirements. For your Business, you can create a Facebook Page. You can add your everything into it. Like Opening Hours, Website, About You, Winning Awards, Special Offers, etc. and also you can create contents and Publish on your Page. Just for 1$, you can Boost your Post and Company Brand, For 1$ you can Promote your product to more than 500 people. And also social media sharing and likes are giving big Impact to you Website’s Rankings



twitter Logo

In this Social Media Platform, you can show your brand to some professional level Community. Like on the Facebook, you can do Paid advertising on the Twitter.  But in here more than the Facebook, you need to update your tweets/ Posts. Because your page’s visibility is depending on your tweets.


Instagram Logo

Instagram is the most growing Social media platform. In here you can post Photos and Videos only. You can’t write a post with hundreds of words on the Instagram. And also this platform is mostly designed for Smart Devices. You can Create a Business account and Post Short videos, Photos on it. If you are selling a product like foods,  Mobile Phones, Clothes, etc.  this Platform will be very helpful to grow your business



YouTube Logo

Do you need to promote your business through the Video Contents? this is the most suitable platform. There are so many ways to promote your business through the YouTube. You can create your own content and promote, You can add short advertisement video clip on most trending videos. Before that video play, your ad will run for 30 seconds. Likewise, there are more ways to promote your business through the Youtube.

Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Increase your Brand Exposure
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Develop loyal Customer base
  • Provide huge Marketplace insight
  • Make your Brand as a Leading Brand (Generate Lead)
  • Improve the Search Rankings
  • Grow your Business Partnerships
  • Give Very good and Big Impact to your Sales
  • Reduce your Marketing Expenses


Are you own a Small Business? Do you need to grow your Business? My recommendation is,  try Social Media Marketing. If your business is small, start your Marketing from Facebook page don’t need fancy websites. First, create a Facebook page and post-effective relevant contents. Boost your post and feel the Impact.

We know as a Businessmen you are very busy with your Business. You don’t have any time to manage Facebook Page. We will help you. We will create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles for free. Contact us through our Website or email. We will consult you. We are the Most Affordable Online Branding Company in Sri Lanka.




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