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What is HashTag?

The Hashtag is a Label for your Content. Actually, It is a method of using Keywords in social media.  We can use  HashTags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. If you are using HashTags you can take extra likes, Comments, and shares. Because in the Social Media Platforms, HashTags are acting as a Keyword.

When someone sharing content on a relevant topic, can add the hashtag label to their Post. When others searching for that topic, They can use that label to find the Relevant topic.

It’s like this, try to search #Nash on Facebook. You can see the posts about our Company with “#Nash” HashTags.

Why HashTags?

  • It helps you get found by your target Audience
  • Improve your Clickthrough rate
  • Great Research Method
  • HashTags are Links to Search Queries
  • It’s helping to spread your business among your business category

How to Create HashTags?

  • No Space Allowed – #SundaySelfi #Nash #SEOSriLanka
  • Start with “#“
  • You can Create your own HashtTags like #NashArticles #NashBlog
  • Use Unique HashTags
  • Easy to Remember and Understand
  • Use a Hashtag That Already Exists ( Do a research and find HashTags relevant to your content)

How to use it for your Business

There are 3 types of HashTags using in the Social media

Content HashTags –

If you are new to HashTags, first consider use HashTags that directly related to your Brand, Service or Product. Content Hashtags are very useful for exposing your Brand to New Customers, those who were not familiar with your Business.

As an example: For Coffe shop in Colombo can use #CoffeShop #Colombo #CMB #Breakfast likewise. These HashTags give a direct hyperlink to your post or Content. 

Trending HashTags –

Another effective way to boost your brand’s visibility is using existing hashtags that have grown popular among millions of users. It is really Effective Method. You can do a research and find trending HashTags relevant to your Business. As an Example: for the gift shop in Colombo, you can use #Valentines #Lovers #Dreams in the month of February posts.

Brand-Specific HashTags –

You can use your own Brand HashTags and also you can use your Product’s Brands. For an example, for Mobile Phones Shop, you can use #Samsung #Apple #GalaxyS #Note5 likewise

As an Online Branding Company, we are using these HashTags for our client. So why are you waiting? do a Research and find relevant HashTags for your Business. And use it in Social media Platforms. See the Impacts

Top 20 Trending HashTags and Post count for it

1. #love (1,021,152,734) 11. #like4like (303,017,259)
2. #instagood (547,492,242) 12. #picoftheday (294,399,618)
3. #photooftheday (391,305,157) 13. #selfie (291,567,038)
4. #beautiful (364,961,892) 14. #summer (261,045,503)
5. #tbt (358,710,721) 15. #friends (257,345,742)
6. #happy (350,953,594) 16. #instadaily (256,428,015)
7. #cute (350,055,402) 17. #girl (242,922,264)
8. #fashion (347,368,221) 18. #fun (237,514,458)
9. #followme (324,043,329) 19. #art (230,593,590)
10. #follow (309,882,458) 20. #repost (229,516,677)

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