Top 10 SEO Tips You Need to Know

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Top 10 SEO Tips

Today I would like to discuss Top 10 SEO Tips.If you need to know SEO and How Do SEO? Use this Top 10 SEO Tips. 

Improve your Website Performance

First Check Your website’s speed. For it uses google page insider. This tool will show, your speed and what are the things to do for increase your Website speed. Website’s speed is very important thing for SEO. below Parameters will check your website performance.

  • Server End ( response time)
  • Content Elements ( Minifications)
  • CSS, JS, and Images

These 3 parameters will check your website performance. Google page insider will check it. And also they will provide the solutions. How to fix your issue. When you finished your website’s development, definitely check your website performance. Google Insider is just one tool. You can find more tools through the internet

Don’t be afraid to link another website to relevant content

See this is the thing. I have linked Google Page insider page in above paragraph to my website. It’s natural. And I gave some idea about google insider through that paragraph. Google identify this. I wrote real content about google Inside.and the linked is for trusted and correct page. This will improve your website’s trust. It helps to increase your website rankings. Someone said External links kill your rankings. But the truth is correct and trusted external link improves your website’s trust and rankings.

First Write it for Humans, Search Engines are Second

For an Example, How do you search a dentist in your area through the google? You will search like this,

Best Dentist in Negombo, Top Dentist in Sri Lanka, Dental Clinics near me. So Why don’t you use this kind of long tail keywords? Yes, this is a really effective method. First, do a research for the keyword. Then choose your keyword and write a human-readable title for your web page.

your Keyword – Sinhala Song

You can Writ your title like this – Latest Sinhala Songs in 2017

Encourage other trusted sites to link to you

There are 2 kinds of links, no-follow and can use both methods. But its need to be very natural. Yes, I am talking about Backlinks. Do Directories, Business listings, SMB and Classified ads submissions. Someone said it’s working, others said it’s useless. Trust me, guys! it’s working. But you need to know the correct way.

Add Google Analytics to the Start

You must add analytics in the start. Then you can get the clear picture about you website’s nature and the statistics. It will help to choose the most suitable keywords for your website.

Write readable meta description for every page

Click here and use this MOZ tool, to write a Perfect meta description. It will balance your description length and will show you a preview. Same as above, yo must write a human readable meta description.

And remember to use your Keywords to write your Meta description.

Use Readable URLs

Carefully use your URLs. You must write readable URLs. like below examples.


Focus on Social Media

These days most effective and powerful SEO method is Social Media Sharing. It gives very natural backlinks too. If you can get hits from Social media, Google will push you to the first page

Image Optimization

It is a very Effective way in SEO. Put your Keywords to your Image Title and to the ALT text. We will discuss this topic separately in near future, from this blog. Stay with us.

Unique Content

 Use Unique and Updated New Contents for your Website.

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